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Welcome To the ATI Mac Underground!

This site is dedicated to ATI video card tweaks, hacks, and optimizations on the Mac.

The major focus is on "flashing" PC version ATI Radeon and Rage128 cards with Mac ROM BIOS to enable their use on the Mac, with the goal of providing the Mac community with more video card choices and lower prices than currently available in ATI retail Mac products.

All information, modifications, and files are offered for informational use only. Use strictly at your own risk and responsibility. We are not responsible if you damage your card or your Mac!

Flash ATI PC Radeon and Rage128

The ability to flash PC version ATI video cards to enable them to be used in a Mac has been an elusive goal of Mac ATI users. A flash utility is not offered by ATI to the public on either the PC or Mac.

Soon after the introduction of the nVidia GeForce2MX in new G4 Macs, users discovered that PC version GeForce2MX cards could be flashed with the Mac ROM from the OEM GeForce2MX card. This ability was thought to be impossible with ATI cards.

Recently several PC based ATI flash utilities have become available, and PC users have reported some success in saving and flashing the ROM on Radeon and Rage based cards. The goal of this project is to document how to use these utilities to save the ROM from Mac version ATI cards, and then flash the Mac ROM onto PC version ATI cards to make them work in Macs. ATI offers a wider selection and lower prices on the PC platform, and we hope to make these choices available to Mac users.

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